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1st Hour

Angel Lee
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             Mrs. Angel Lee

    Physical Science          


Supplies:    3-ring binder w/pockets                 

                            Loose-leaf paper                          

                            Pens or pencils                 

                            Standard calculator

Course Requirements:


2)  The majority of your grade will come from written or practical tests      

      administered after each unit.  A unit may cover all of or portions of    

      anywhere from two to four chapters in accordance with the parish’s   

      comprehensive curriculum. 

Other grades will be taken from homework (study guides, projects, etc.), lab reports, and quizzes.  I will also grade your notebooks periodically for notes, vocabulary, and other assignments that I have had you complete in class. 


The Webster parish grading scale will be used to determine letter grades.  You will be required to keep a record of your grades so that you will always know how you are doing in this class!


3)  In addition to the assignments listed above, a daily value will be averaged

     into your grade as well.  This is by far your easiest assignment!!!!  You will

     be given 6 points per day in my class for bringing materials (pen/pencil,  

     notebook, book cover), for class participation (attentiveness, following 

     directions), and for getting to class on time (in your SEAT when the bell     




     Failure to do any of the above will result in your not receiving your total    

      points for that day. Also, since these points require that a student be in

      class, any unexcused absence (including ISS) will result in the loss of the

      entire 6 points for that day.  Although these are NOT BONUS

    POINTS,  they can be very helpful or harmful at the end of a grading


      I have used this method for the past 12 years and I have found that     

      it rewards the students that already do the above and gives others an

      incentive to do better.  Being organized and prepared for class is an

      essential ingredient of the learning process.  I truly want this to work

      for you, NOT against you!   It is up to YOU


4)   Regular attendance is necessary in order to gain a full understanding of

      the concepts that we will be discussing.  DO NOT miss unless it is absolutely

      necessary!!!  Any tests missed will be made up ASAP at a time designated

      by myself.  Failure to show up on that day will result in the student

      receiving a zero on that test.  If you miss the day before a test and had

      knowledge of that test, you must take the test with the rest of the



5)   All students enrolled in any science course must pay a $5.00 science fee

       per class.  Students who fail to pay this will not be allowed to

       participate in labs and will be required to do alternate work.  This fee is

       due _____________________________.


6)  Each student is expected to follow my rules for classroom behavior as


·      Come to class on time with the necessary supplies.

·       Keep your hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself!!!  (Cell phones will be taken!)

·       Be polite!  (Raise your hand to ask a question or make a comment.)

·      Stay in your seat unless given permission to do otherwise.

·       Treat your school and others with respect!  (Only paper is allowed as a writing surface!)

·       No food or drink!  (This includes GUM!)

·      I dismiss you, not the bell!

The above policy will go into effect on __________________________!  Get your materials and yourself together.  I expect this to be a GREAT year!  I truly believe in the GOLDEN RULE: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  You treat me with respect and I will treat you equally as well!  Please go over the above information with your parent(s)/ guardian.  Sign and return this page by _________________________.  This is your first assignment!!!




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