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Family and Consumer Science

Family & Consumer Sciences I B

Carrie Jones
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This course examines multiple life roles and responsibilities of individuals and family members. The focus is on the areas of personal and family living, wellness, nutrition and foods, financial management, living environments, appropriate child development practices, and transferring school skills to life and work.


Syllabus for Family & Consumer Sciences I
Aug. 20th-24th Topic One Learning About You
            Looking at yourself & Changing and Growing
            You and Your Family & Friends
            Communicating with Others & Strengthening Families
  Topic 1 Test
Aug. 27th-31st  Topic 2 Learning About Children
            Babysitting & Baby’s First Year 
            The Toddler Stage & The Preschoolers
            How Children Learn
            Topic 2 Test
Sept. 4th-7th  Topic 3 Your needs, wants, & resources
            Your values and goals & It’s your Decision    
            Topic 4 The Management Process & Managing Your Health and Appearance
            Managing Your Looks & Managing Your Money
            Managing Your Money Cont. & Making Consumer Decisions
            Topic 3 & 4 Test
Sept. 10th-14th The Foods You Eat
            Food Choices
            Using My Pyramid
            Managing Your Weight
            Test Topic 7
Sept. 17th -21st
            Planning Menus
            You-A Food Shopper & Buying and Storing Food
            Serving Meals & Caring About Behavior
            Topic 8 Test
            Working with Kitchen Tools & Safety and Sanitation
 Sept. 24th-28th  Using Recipes & Measuring and Cutting Ingredients
            Preparing Foods
   Making Meal Preparation Easy & Working with Others
            Lab Snicker doodles
            Topic 9 Test
Oct. 1st -5th 
            Lab Pizza
            Lab Breakfast
            Lab Mexican Stack Dinner
            Lab Chicken, Pasta and vegetable medle
Oct. 10th -12th
            Lab Jambalaya            
            Mid Term Exam
Oct.  15th -19th
            Your Living Space & Home Safe Home
            Caring For Your Home & Your Environment
            Conserving Energy & Technology in the Home
             Create floor plan
            Topic 5 & 6 Test
Oct. 22nd-26th Building Your Wardrobe & Shopping for Clothes
            Inspect Before You Buy
             Fibers and Fabrics 
              Caring for Your Clothes
            Test Topic 10
Oct. 29th-Nov. 2nd 
            Sewing Basics & Preparing to Sew
            Sewing Your Project & Repairing and Altering Your Clothes
            Test Topic 11
Nov.  5th-9th
           Paper Stitching
            Threading a machine
Nov.  12th- 16th Projects #1-3 will be completed at the end of each week
            Project #1 composition notebook cover
Nov. 26th-30th
            Project #2 Heart pillow or letter pillow ½ yard of Fabric, matching thread 
April 23rd-27th
            Project #3 Recycled project
Dec.  3rd-7th  
            Project #4 PJ’s or boxers
  Students will have 2 weeks to complete.
            Students may request a more difficult pattern only upon approval from                       the teacher.
Dec. 10th-14th
            Work continues on the fourth project. 
            If students have completed all projects, they may
            Work on additional projects for extra credit.
Dec. 17th-19th
   Review for Final Exam
            Review for Final Exam
            Testing (uncertain of which periods will be testing which days)
            Make-up Test
This is a projected schedule for FACS I. However, pep rallies, assemblies and other events may cause the schedule to be altered some.


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